Meet the Producing the Future 2024 Cohort

The Producing the Future programme, designed to equip young individuals aged 18-25 with the skills necessary for event management, is fully underway. Our latest cohort comprises five brilliant aspiring event producers, eagerly immersing themselves in the intricacies of cultural event planning.

Led by tutor Serena Piotto, the participants have already been learning about budgeting, marketing, liaising with artists, and other aspects required for a successful event. They are now ready and eager to put their freshly acquired knowledge and skills into action, taking charge of organising and executing their exciting event scheduled for the end of June at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket.

Producing The Future is a great opportunity for young people that want to get into events – it can be such a scary world to jump in at first so I think that what BeUnited is doing with this, can really offer the support and the push needed to make that jump. The group is really excited about the course and their event, and it’s been a pleasure to see how much creativity they have to offer.

– Serena Piotto, Producing the Future Tutor

Producing the Future 2024 Cohort

Irene Eapen is a dynamic professional blending academic prowess with hands-on experience in media and cultural studies. She brings a fresh perspective to every project with a background in Intermediality from the University of Edinburgh and a passion for subcultures, decolonisation, and intermedial approaches to art. From editing trade articles to leading multicultural teams, she has honed her skills in communication and leadership.

Brianna Clara is a Dominican American poet, educator, and event host from NYC. She is currently pursuing an MsC in creative writing and working on her second poetry collection.

Louis Utieyin is an aspiring comedy producer, looking to start a small comedy production where he produces comedy live-shows, podcasts, sitcoms and theatre (you name it).

Aurelie Chan Hon Sen is a creative practitioner and art facilitator currently living and working between Glasgow and Edinburgh. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at The Glasgow School of Art. Her practice is activated by connecting with the voices of creatives and communities who have shared experiences of living in a diaspora. This is expressed through writing, illustrations, and collaborations in the arts and events sector.

Jeenat Mohammed aims to hold events and build a community and space for people to connect and enjoy. Jeenat believes event planning allows us to test the limits, bringing visions to life.

Meet the Producing the Future Tutor

From Kenya to Italy, and now living in Scotland, Serena Piotto is currently freelancing in the creative industry and has a background in visual radio and digital production. She is passionate about everything creative, entertainment, and visual communication, and her work has centered around the African communities in Scotland, bringing their stories and diversity to the spotlight.

‘Producing the Future is a great opportunity for young people who want to get into events—it can be such a scary world to jump into at first. So, I think that what Be United is doing with this can really offer the support and push needed to make that jump,’ says Piotto.

We look forward to the upcoming event in June. Join us as we continue to celebrate and support the next generation of event producers!

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