BE United is an arts, cultural and social entrepreneurial organisation that advocates for, highlights, and celebrates Black, African and Caribbean, excellence in Scotland.

We help African, Caribbean and Black artists, creatives, businesses amplify their voice and work so that they can build a thriving creative life and community.

Why are you here?

You’re here because you’re an artist, creative or business owner who is passionate about your craft and looking to develop and market your work and practice.

You want to be in community with like-minds.

You’re seeking an aligned platform where you and your art, creations and work are not only celebrated but can thrive.

To be part of a community where you can be truly, and authentically, yourself.
You believe that a crucial way to foster stronger and generative spaces is through sharing your work. You know that your work is valuable and has the power to transform our communities.

Yet, you don’t always feel welcome in traditional art and creative spaces.
The reason why you may not be finding yourself in the communities and rooms you belong in is because equity isn’t just a statement on a website.

While most arts organizations trying to serve BIPOC audiences might mean well, their efforts often fall short because their promises aren’t followed by continuous or sustainable action.

This can make you feel as though you aren’t being seen or heard —almost like being invisible.

At BE United

At BE United, we know that to make genuine and impactful change, we need to work together to create and foster opportunities to build communities that thrive.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do this alone.

When you collaborate with us, we’ll provide the support you need to take your creative practice even further, grow your community and contacts and get access to enriching opportunities that showcase your talent to expanded communities and audiences.

We believe in amplifying Scotland’s African, Caribbean and Black voices.

Because your work and creative practice matter.

Let’s BE United and create together.



Content Marketing Support

Content Marketing Support

Get access to our network of industry specialists
that can help boost your visibility so that you can
gain more opportunities and have your
work reach wider audiences.

Creative Space


Create your way, on your own time. 

Get access to our fully equipped content creation studio so you can record and create in a professional space without the hassle of having to find and pay for a permanent studio. 



Get access to ongoing support
and opportunities
through our
membership network.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

We help you bring your idea to life by providing admin, financial & project management support.  Gain access to mentorships, creative support, and other collaborative opportunities. Sign up for the waitlist to be notified of the next round of opportunities or contact us with your project idea. 


We are driven by our values of:

Excellence: to deliver and produce excellence
Service: to always provide quality service
Integrity: to lead with integrity
Equality: to always create equal opportunities.

‘BE United is a distinctly African- Caribbean space maker (a hub) inclusive in its approach yet specialist in its niche and expertise.’



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