Who We Are


With 4 years of experience in Scotland BE United celebrate Scottish culture and traditions, whilst also celebrating the diversity of people and cultures present in Scotland. BE United are pioneering work that creates and inspires cross cultural conversation. We use culture and conversation to connect, inspire and inform.

BE United are well established in Scotland, through our work we recognised the quality and richness of Scottish culture. We are committed to celebrate and integrate the melting pot of cultures that make up our Scottish society. BE United strives to build on Scotland’s welcoming and open reputation and to enable Scotland to be known and recognised to fully embody and represent these qualities nationally and internationally.

Having branches abroad BE United aims to replicate our vision all over the world. Our branch in South Africa allows us to be at the forefront of introducing and celebrating Southern African culture in Scotland.

Our Vision

For all people to enjoy the richness of life through interaction and learning from cultures different to our own.