Who We Are

How we Formed

Boysie and Emma met whilst Emma was staying at Township Vibe Backpackers, Newlands West, Boysie’s home turf. They began going into high schools giving motivational talks to the pupils, and listening to what the youngsters had to say. They decided to begin offering sports workshops and training. At the first event BE United hosted, over 2000 people turned up at the grounds, the pair were inspired and overwhelmed by the support of the young people, the schools and the community. From this BE United was born.

Our Vision

We aim to motivate and inspire people to realise and reach their greatest potential by sharing skills and providing opportunities. We want people to feel safe, supported, understood and able to reach out to others regardless of age, race, wealth or background. Ultimately developing a belief in ourselves, others and everything we each have to offer.

Creating conscious, united global citizens.

‘’The stomach may always be empty, don’t give us food, give us future. That is how we create change.’’

–Boysie Gumede, Co – Founder.

The Team

  • Areeva
    Areeva Head of Sales & Coach
  • Boysie
    Boysie Artistic Director
  • Eilidh
    Eilidh Artist Liason
  • Gcaba
    Gcaba Sports co-ordinator
  • Thembeka
    Thembeka SA Catering
  • Emma Q
    Emma Q Facilitator
  • Emma
    Emma CEO & Creative Producer
  • Xabier
    Xabier Intern
  • Ntuthuko
    Ntuthuko Operations Manager
  • Khanya
    Khanya Admininstration Manager