Esther Goliath

We took this incredible inspiring young lady and found her welcoming platforms in Edinburgh for her to express her creativity. She has continually wowed us with her confidence and charmed us with her smile. She has shared her love for poetry, with truth and honesty even in moments of struggling with inspiration. We know this adventurous young lady is creative with a strong love for history, especially architecture.

At the age of 5 she was taken to The Elephant House, a famous café known for the Harry Potter book.  Her love for reading and creative writing sparked from this visit.

Esther has an incredible support system from her family and her community. Her love for her community and its history, she shares in her first book, which currently she is in process of publishing.

This beautiful and inspiring young Leither would love to thank everyone who has shown her support, Esther has had some amazing experiences, encouragement and guidance in enjoying the process of living her Dreams.

Follow her journey on Instagram @est.her101 where will continue sharing her love for culture and expressive arts.

We at BE United are so proud to offer a mentoring platform for young people like Esther. We hope to reach many more inspiring youngsters with extra ordinary talents and passions.

Esther with Lord Provost of Edinburgh after performing some of her poetry at his private reception before opening the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

You Rock Esther Goliath.

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