Delve into Edinburgh’s art scene with some of the city’s hottest artists and creatives with this eclectic showcase of amazing talent. Among the line-up of artists included in the showcase; the writer/director of a stunning Southern African musical, a DJ and promoter of some of Edinburgh’s best known clubbing experiences and an influential spoken word who will jolt you awake with her words. Get to know Edinburgh’s most talented artists, their work and what makes them tick. A must watch.

Featuring: Colleen Macauley owner of the Collen’s Kulture Lounge, Fiyin Fakunle, Sean Focus, Raymond Vilakazi (Shona the Musical), Papajgun Photography, Jay Puren, Suzie & Shirley of Black Scot Pod, DJ Ellingtone and Courtney Stoddart.
Premiering July 2021.