Sean Focus

It was dope (BE United Showcase), and I see a brighter future working with BE United

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

‘BE United worked as a contractor for Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival on a range of Carnival and Community Engagement programmes during 2018 & 2019, and was a key part of the success of many projects, including Edinburgh Festival Carnival, Afro Live, and the Chinese Lanterns celebration. Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival were very happy with the work that BE United carried out.’

Neo Vilakazi
Musical Composer & Director

‘BE United is living up to its founding creed and bringing people of all races, shapes and sizes together. This project has made the invisible become visible. It has given a voice to many marginalised and forgotten artists. Be United has shone a bright light on all BAME talent based in Scotland. I can’t speak highly enough of the fantastic work BE United have done to create lasting bonds between isolated artists and from those ties, an outburst of creativity is sure to follow. God bless….

Inga Dale Steyn

BE United really is the stepping stone to my career. The organization has reminded me of my skills, capabilities and potential. Working with BE United made me feel that I belong, I felt such a sense of achievement accomplishing the tasks set before me and watching the entire project flourish. What was so rewarding about the project was knowing that my contribution was highly valued and made the project what it was. Meeting fellow creatives and artists and broadening my network has been invaluable. I really appreciate the opportunity that BE United has given me.’

Jamal Yussuff~Adelakun

“All about the sauce”


You can tell how passionate everyone at BE United is; it feels like you are surrounded by a team of likeminded people working towards the same goals, which is so refreshing.

Suzanne Spencer, Volunteer

“BE United give their volunteers great opportunities. They understand my needs and give me many ways to learn and fully understand tasks. I love that they let me try many different jobs. It’s a happy environment, like being part of a big family. The BE Fam.”

Dr Yahya Barry- Chair of the Boar/Head of Research

We stand in a unique moment of history in the making for our community and Scotland. To do this, we embrace a bold creativity and resilient tenacity grounded in trust, accountability and unconditional love for our community. We provide quality service. We lead with integrity. And we bring our uncompromising best with the highest standards of excellence. Join us and make history.’

Fiyin Fakunle
Musician, Author, Poet

“As a young creative in Scotland, collaborating with BE United on this showcase was an incredible opportunity. I felt immediately integrated into the atmosphere and a strong sense of community and support. The organisation is doing a tremendous job to lift up voices that need to be heard and I cannot wait to see where it goes in the years to come”