My BE United experience
Hi! I’m Xabier Sagastagoitia. I’ve been in Edinburgh the last 4 months, since 2nd July till 29th October, as a volunteer in BE United charity. It’s been one of the best experience in my life, I met amazing people with a great idea: try to be united all over the world, no matters where are you from. If anyone who reads this post is interested doing a change in their lifes I recomend all of you be part and help this guys to share thoose ideas all over the world. I’m back now in Spain but I’ll always try to be part of BE United cause I had an experience I’ll never forget.

When I arrived to Edinburgh I didn’t know what to expect. My english wasn’t good, I needed to improve it. I thought it would be hard but when I met Emma, BE United co-founder, she made me feel like home. She is funny, hard worker and entrepreneur girl who wants to do something different in this world, helpping people if possible. Since the very first day I realized I would be really great with her cause she made me feel confortable. She told me the plan for all the summer and I was really excited about it. She told me she wanted to bring a South African performance all over Scotland during October, it would be the first time this guys go out from Africa so BE United had to work hard to get it.

She worked and made all the rest of volunteers work hard full of love. She transfered us all that love she had for this opportunity. Also Emma told me her partner in South Africa, Boysie, would come in August to keep working in this performance: The Champions Tale.

When I met Boysie I felt even more confortable, he’s funny, hard worker and entrepreneur like Emma, he has the same idea about how should be the world and he is really crazy, in a lovely way. I’ve been with both of them many days and I can say they made the time I stayed much more better, without them it would have been harder. We have talked many different things and always with an smile and I felt everyday like an opportunity to learn from them. I’ve learnt from them that nobody can stop you but yourself. Only our own fear can stop us, and we have to leave all fears out of ourselfs and work hard in what we believe and what we want for the future.
And at the end of September “The Champions” arrived to Edinburgh.

BE United had already been working locating venues and dates where they could act. Everybody was ready to show to Scotland a unique and invigorating show combining performance art and dance with restorative dialogue, a really innovative art form. The show all over Scotland has been co-produced by BE United and The Champions, I have watched it and I can say it is a great show which tells the story of one young man’s life growing up in rural South Africa. All The Champions guys are artists who try to make you feel how is life in their country, and also they teached some South African dances. They have worked all their lifes really hard to get this performance and they deserve all the compliments they got from Scottish people.
Finally I would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you Emma cause you have been more than BE United’s co-founder. You have been a friend and I would never forget last 4 months. Also thank you Boysie, I have enjoyed staying with you and the way you look to life. And I would like to say thank you “Champions” cause I have learnt something new about where are you from and also about you. Everybody in this world should be like you. All of you deserve the best things in this world! The goodbye was really hard but I now I’ll see you soon cause I want to stay being part of this family. You’ll be always in my mind and in my heart.
Lovely, Xabier!

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