My name is Londwe Faith Mabaso aka Pearl. I am one of the Champions members, the only woman in the Champions Crew.

I would like to take this moment and thank BE United who gave us this amazing tour. Everything was amazing I never had such an experience in my life, it was amazing!
When I met Emma P I was very inspired because In my life I had never met a woman from overseas, it was the first time – thanks to Boysie Gumede, because him and Emma are partners. They have worked very hard and smart.

Thanks to everyone who has helped The Champions to travel or to come to Scotland it has been nice.


The Champions

This was the first tor for the Champions. And all went well no one wanted to mess-up, we were all happy. Now it’s time for us to go back home but all of us wishes to come back again and not only here in the UK but all over the world, sharing this amazing talent we have with everyone. We really enjoyed being in Scotland with Emma & Boysie and lots of friends we have meet during the tour.


The Pickens

During the tour we met Emma’s family, Mother, father and her brothers. Emma has met our families in South Africa during her working there with the Champions for this UK Tour. We stayed at Emma’s house for a week, it was nice they welcomed us with warm hands and lots of love – I would like to thank them. And again all the people who helped us during the tour. 

Hopefully we wish to work with BE United even next year and more years to come we are going far all of us.

Together we can!

The colour of your skin don’t mean anything, we are all human, we all need each other to make the world better. So lets all BE UNITED!


Lots of Love


Champions in Glasgow – George Square <3

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  • Khanya

    Keep up the good work my sister, and big up to you and your crew for flying the SA flag high in Scotland.
    The games have just begun.

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