In Scotland

Our Objective

To encourage cross-cultural connections and friendships by learning and fostering better understanding of ourselves and others.

Our Challenge

To engage people through music and performance arts to explore social and cultural issues affecting the world.

Our Solution

Using music, culture and communication to unite communities and provide opportunities to collaborate and share skills.

“The vision of Be United is inspiring. With so much conflict and factionalism in the world, we need more than ever ventures which celebrate diversity and difference. Bringing cultures and groups together through music-making and other creative activities can do so much to strengthen and unify us”. 



We currently run a variety of different programmes all year round in Scotland. Find out more details in the list to your right. We are always happy to discuss any of our activities in greater detail, get in touch to find out how our programmes can benefit you and your community.

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Music and performance skills workshops including:

  • Creative writing
  • Senegalese drumming
  • Dance
  • A capella
  • Singing
  • Guitar playing

In addition to equipping participants with musical skills and knowledge, our aim is to increase participants’ cultural knowledge by bringing young people and musicians together from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Cultural Events

Showcase and celebrate different cultures while bringing people together through music events, these include:

  • Nations United
  • Bollywood meets Brazil
  • Black History Month
Music & Creative Arts

Working alongside and supporting musicians with:

  • Promotion
  • Management
  • Gigs
  • Creating platforms and residences to showcase their creative talents

Working with musicians such as Ramuyapiko, Mellow Chants, Africa Melody, Lewin Leon Music, DJ Ramsay.

“I love working with BU. They are friendly and fun but also very professional. It’s lovely to share music making.”

-Guimba Diallo, Professional Drummer & workshop Facilitator


Our beautiful South African beaded keyrings are a quirky gift for yourself or another. Unique, colourful and lovingly crafted, they represent the vibrant culture of their country of origin. Give a beautiful gift, show someone you care, put a smile on a face and watch the ripple effect of change it has.

We believe in inspiring lasting change. That change starts HERE with you. Something small can have the most wonderful and momentous effects.

International Exchange

An ongoing programme building connections between South Africa and Scotland.

  • Township documentary – filmed in SA, screened in Scotland.
  • Champions Tale – 2017 tour

Volunteering opportunities will become available in the future.

Let's Talk About...

We promote and welcome dialogues and talks about social issues that affect many. We aim to empower, inspire and connect through open and honest discussions in a safe and held space. We hope to heal past hurts and move forward towards a better, safer future.

Volunteering Opportunities in Scotland

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