My name is Professor Lephafa, firstly I would like to thank BE United for taking me and my crew to showcase our talent in Scotland. For me and my crew it was the first time going overseas and it was the first time working with a company that want to change the world. My trip was amazing I learned lot of things in Scotland. The most important thing I learned is to take care of people, it doesn’t matter which country you came from or you’re black or white they treat people the same and they are very kind. I  enjoyed sharing a story of how we live in our country and having a dialogue after the show with the audience.

For me personally i really enjoyed being in Scotland, because I was with someone I love in her country.




I had a very special opportunity in January and February for my professional development of workshop facilitation and coaching from BE United. This organisation is blessed, this company really want to see the world developing I wish those people who support the company to support more.

I really enjoyed doing workshops around Scotland and at Dance Base in Edinburgh with a Finnish girl called Pirita – I was happy to learn another type of dance called reggaton. The dance that I enjoyed the most was the ceilidh, the Scottish dance. It was very exciting and i was happy to learn a Scottish cultural dance.

We had more fun with my girlfriend as I was in her cold country, it was snowing and it was my first time playing with snow.

I would also like to thank Areeva for coaching me she inspired me a lot BE United is hell to the blessed for having her, she is the best mentor and coach. I really enjoyed eating lot of different kind of Scottish food because last year I didn’t got a chance to eat as much as I can mmmmm.

It was so nice doing workshops around Scotland because there are lot of people who like to dance and want to learn Pantsula but they just need someone to teach them, I was so happy to teach them because they show love in everything they do. My last workshop was very good and funny I really enjoyed the workshop with Safer by Sound. There is a lot of things I learn and enjoyed if I write everything I’m not gonna finish writing thank you x
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