It been a great pleasure meeting BE United (Boysie & Emma) if it wasn’t for them, I would have never experienced such a great opportunity like this one. Their aim was to create a better understanding of cultures, to me it seems like they have done much more then that, because now I feel like I should learn and know more about my own culture.

With the Brownies in Dumfries

Me and Pro having lobster @ Wigtown Book Festival


I’ve enjoyed everything about Edinburgh except for the weather 😅. The people of Scotland are awesome and very respectful of which made me to give back the same respect.


Lastly I wanna thanks Eilidh May for being the sweetest person ever, I wish God could keep her so she will be sweet not only on us but to many people. Thanks a lot BE United may God bless this company to grow more and more and never end

With Eilidh’s family in Paisley x




Nicholas (Cage)





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