Every time I go into a township I am struck by the awesome-ness of community & togetherness! It’s true people don’t have many material possessions but the love, laughter and care they share is truly wonderful and remarkable. I am so aware of how lonely & isolating it can be living in Edinburgh, I have experienced first hand being surrounded by people and yet feeling totally alone!


That is definitely not the case in Soweto, people stop, greet each other, chat, have a laugh and share quality time together. It is truly beautiful and deeply touching.

What I believe the modern fast paced world is so desperately lacking is true genuine human connection and relationships. My few days in Soweto have shown¬†me again just how rich township life can be. Sam & Tsiki’s family spend time together sharing stories as black people so wonderfully do, with energy and spirit, chat and laugh. How much laughter there is, it’s joyous to be around.

In someways I am like a fly on the wall, I don’t speak the language and my skin is a different color so I have an outsiders viewpoint of township life that connection is so so strong! I will ask someone to write about their experience growing and living in Soweto for you also!

Of course it is not a bed of roses and I am sure life can be & must be very hard at times, but I am in awe and admiration of the ability to rise above personal situations to laugh, enjoy, sing, dance and ultimately be happy.

After all is that not the most important things in Life – human connection, love and happiness?20170221_14382920170221_143823

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