Our Work

‘I’m grateful to get such an amazing opportunity for going out to UK, as it will be my first time going out of the country, this means a lot to me. BE United made my dreams come true, I don’t know how I can thank Emma hopefully god will bless her with whatever she wants because she doesn’t get paid but she’s passionate about this.’ 

– Busani Mghobozi

Pantsula Dance Workshops

Learn how to dance Pantsula, straight from South Africa!!

Fun and energetic workshops will teach you Pantsula dance steps, the dance of South Africa’s younger generation. We can tailor workshop to suit you/your groups needs, available for absolute beginners to professional dancers.

It’s all about having fun whilst learning fresh South African moves.

For bookings contact emma@be-united.org.uk


Workshop Dates:

21st Jan – Dumfries – Wee Fringe

22nd Jan – Dumfries – Wee Fringe

24th Jan – Castle Douglas – CD High

30th Jan – Edinburgh – Shapes Studio

4th Feb – Edinburgh – Dance Base

6th Feb – Glasgow – Dance House

10th Feb – Edinburgh – Shapes Studio

11th Feb – Glasgow – Base 81 Studio

17th Feb – Edinburgh – Leith Dry Docks Safer by Sound Event

24th Feb – Edinburgh – Leith Dry Docks Safer by Sound Event

‘Let’s get moving!’

United Sounds

BE United’s musical branch representing and promotion musicans. In 2018 the launch of United Sounds EP – A curation of original songs inspired by the theme of ‘uniting through music’ and created by multiple artists from diverse backgrounds. Curated by Ramuyapiko. By engaging with artists who are passionate about creating music with a message, we aim to inspire change and get people talking about key social topics.

United Sounds Artists


Austin Selsie

For bookings: artists@be-united.org.uk

‘A fabulous mix of musical creations from around the world.’

International Tours

2017 – Champions Tale

An exceptionally unique and invigorating show combining performance art and dance with interactive discussion.

Champions Tale tells the story of one young man’s life growing up in rural South Africa. A story of secrecy, lies, confusion and hope. Journey with Tinkler straight to the heart of a rural South African township and connect deeply with his personal story, learn what dance means to him and his community.

Champions Tale is an innovative art form allowing the lines between audiences & performers to become blurred and real learning to occur. Let ‘Champions’ Tale’ take you on emotive journey, discovering South African joys, traditions, social norms, respect and experience the dreams of a new generation of young South Africans.

‘Bringing a little piece of South African magic straight to the UK.’

BeU Fest – Dec 2018

BE United is excited to launch it’s very own festival.

Our first environmental and creative yearly event in Newlands West celebrating local artists and professional artists whilst remaining in line with nature and promoting the environment. Our brand new festival will launch on 15th December 2018 and will be host to some of KZN’s hottest artists.

We welcome applicantions from musicians, dancers, storytellers, writers, poets and fashion designers.

As part of BeU Fest we will hold a year round development program in which we invite young artists to audition for their chance to win a place on BE United’s fantastic development program.
Selected artists will be supported over a 2 year program which will offer ongoing professional and personal development. BE United will work closely with the individual or group to build and boost their career and work alongside them and their school or university to create an exceptional opportunity for development and growth. The artist will be invited to open BeU Fest and will have the change to tour their work.

To BE part of BeU Fest contact: boysie@be-united.org.uk

‘Save our Species – Our culture in harmony with nature’

4 Nations United  – April/May

Our year we select 4 different nations to celebrate. 2018 will celebrate Scotland, South Africa, Brazil & India, a festival over 2 days with live music, workshops talks, food and a kids area.

Through these activities, we hope to facilitate the sharing of experiences and outlooks, as well as provide a rare space for spontaneous conversations between people who might usually avoid eye contact in the street.

Inspire passion and pride in and the countries and what each has to offer whilst encouraging mutual respect and learning about other people and places. We are encouraging a deeper understanding of other people, cultures and traditions: A day to learn and support each other and create a more united and inspired culture here in Scotland.

To BE part of 4 Nations United contact: areeva@be-united.org.uk


‘A true celebration of our cultures and countries – open to all.

‘When will we look past our differences and see each other as equals, humans living our lives. My hope is BE United will play a major part in unifying the world.’ 

-Emma Picken – Co-Founder BE United