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‘I’m grateful to get such an amazing opportunity for going out to UK, as it will be my first time going out of the country, this means a lot to me. Queen Picken made my dreams come true, I don’t know how I can thank Emma hopefully god will bless her with whatever she wants because she doesn’t get paid but she’s passionate about this.’ 

– Busani Mghobozi, The Champions

Champions Tale

An exceptionally unique and invigorating show combining performance art and dance with interactive discussion.

Champions Tale tells the story of one young man’s life growing up in rural South Africa. A story of secrecy, lies, confusion and hope. Journey with Tinkler straight to the heart of a rural South African township and connect deeply with his personal story, learn what dance means to him and his community.

Champions Tale is an innovative art form allowing the lines between audiences & performers to become blurred and real learning to occur. Let ‘Champions’ Tale’ take you on emotive journey, discovering South African joys, traditions, social norms, respect and experience the dreams of a new generation of young South Africans.

‘Bringing a little piece of South African magic straight to the UK!’

Co-Produced by: BE United & The Champions

Champions Tale UK Tour Dates

United Sounds Launch EP

A curation of original songs inspired by the theme of ‘uniting through music’ and created by multiple artists from diverse backgrounds. Curated by Ramuyapiko. By engaging with artists who are passionate about creating music with a message, we aim to inspire change and get people talking about key social topics.

This is a direct follow on from our 2016 Summer project in which, BE United hosted workshops inviting young people aged 11 -17 to produce a song of their own. The project was a great success, resulting in the co-creation of a song called ‘United to Amplify’, which we will feature on the album. We will take the album on tour to reach wider audiences and give musicians, creative’s and young people a chance to extend their live performance experience.

‘A fabulous mix of musical creations from around the world.’


Ramuyapiko is a an energetic collaboration between Muya & Dj Ramsy, actively involved in various music projects based in Edinburgh. The duo was formed in 2016, in purpose to create versatile music content. They define their music genre as Afro-sonic-confusion, which translates to innovation of mixing sounds from different categories, mostly focused on afro beats, reggae, hip hop and soul. Afro sonic confusion is conjunction of moral values and music. A call for unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

Muya & DJ Ramsy

‘Our motivation is to conquer the conditionings and limitations of the traditional approach to music.’

Austin Selasie

Singer song writer from Newland West, South Africa. He takes his inspiration from his upbringing and daily life. His beautiful voice and deep lyrics touch many hearts. Austin is dynamic and ever evolving artist. A must see and hear artists with a unique style and out of this world voice.

‘Catch him live in durban this summer’

BE U Festival

BE United is excited to launch it’s very own festival. A yearly event in Newlands West celebrating local artists and professional artists. Our brand new festival will launch in December 2018 and will be host to some of KZN’s hottest artists. The yearly event will play host to South African talent across many forms including music, dance, storytelling, writing, poetry and fashion.
BE U Festival has big plans and looks forward to it launch, stay tuned for more updates and developments.
BE U festival is more than your average festival, as part of the festival we will hold a year round development program in which we invite young artists to audition for their chance to win a place on BE Uniteds fantastic development program. The artist will be supported over a 2 year program which will offer ongoing professional and personal development. BE United will work closely with the individual or group to build and boost their career and work alongside them and their school or university to create an exceptional opportunity for development and growth. The artist will be invited to open BE U Festival and will have the change to tour their work.

‘BE U Festival invites your inner creative to come alive.’

Listening Nights

Our new musical branch United Sounds and Perspicacious Sista team up to bring you an intimate listening night. Join us on the Last Tuesday of every month at the Leith Depot and get to know the inspiration behind artists songs and poems.

A chance to get to know your favourite artists better.

We would like to offer these events by donation, what you feel drawn to contribute. Come along and enjoy with us!

‘Intimate, delving deeper into music.’

‘When will we look past our differences and see each other as equals, humans living our lives. My hope is BE United will play a major part in unifying the world.’ 

-Emma Picken – Co-Founder BE United