Hello my name is Ayanda Memela. I enjoyed Scotland and bekumnandi. I like to thank Emma ukusamukela ezwenilakhe and bongeno boyz ukuhlanhanisa ne iScotland and SA thanks guys!!

They call me £10

It was nice to be in Scotland to much😀. Even the people from there they welcome us nicely. Haaaaa when we talking about performance yooooooo extremely good and I can’t wait to came back [...]

It’s Pearl here 🙂

My name is Londwe Faith Mabaso aka Pearl. I am one of the Champions members, the only woman in the Champions Crew. I would like to take this moment and thank BE United who gave us this amazing [...]

For me…

It been a great pleasure meeting BE United (Boysie & Emma) if it wasn’t for them, I would have never experienced such a great opportunity like this one. Their aim was to create a better [...]

Behind Champions Tale

  I first met the Champions in February this year, 2017. I was over in South Africa to finally meet them, get to know them and watch them dance in real life. When I first arrived, we were [...]