I first met the Champions in February this year, 2017. I was over in South Africa to finally meet them, get to know them and watch them dance in real life.

When I first arrived, we were all kinda shy, the usual soft hello’s. Then they begun to dance…

I was blown away the energy and excitment they had in their dance was truly wonderful and totally captured my heart instantly. The next few weeks we spent a lot of time getting to know each other better. As for me BE United is not just a job, it’s life. It’s about connecting, sharing, exploring and celebrating. That’s what we spent doing with The Champions. We played games, we spoke, we eat together, we washed clothes, we got to know each other and I feel in love.
Each of the Champions had their own stories and their own dreams, they are all so incredibly talented and passionate, that made me buzz as I share their big dreams and passions. We all gelled very well together – I just need to learn more Zulu to speak to them in their mother tongue!

We have been preparing Champions Tale, since January this year – everything was in place and we were ready – then the funders who were going to back us with flights, have let us down. So now it is up in the air. Excuse the pun…

So we have launched a crowd funding campaign – them not coming is not an option! It means to much too much to all of us!

So we decided it’s important that you all get to know the Champions too – so we are going to share wee¬†snippets of the story behind our Champions Tale.

I invite you to get to know the Champions, get involved and pledge towards getting these amazing, wonderful, talented, passionate and determined group over from South Africa to Scotland this October.




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