Inma Montero is a well known singer, dance teacher and choreographer within the Scottish scene since around 2011. Inma is part of the Flamenco Company Alba Flamenca based in Edinburgh and a teacher in a Flamenco School Alba Flamenca where they offer training to dancers and musicians of all levels and ages. She has been an active member of the Fringe Festival over the last 7 years, receiving many 5 star reviews during this time. 

Inma co-created her own flamenco band with Danielo Olivera in 2013, working with special guests from Spain and performing regularly in various places, running workshops and creating different projects.

Inma was born in Cordoba ( Spain) and has been involved in flamenco classes and workshops since she only 7 years old. She has taken classes from the best “maestros” such as Pastora Galvan, Jose Galvan, Mercedes Ruiz, Anonio Canales and Joaquin Cortés.

Have a look at the Alba Flamenca website and her Flamenco
band Cheekyrrikis, then get along to our 4 Nations United event and have a go yourself!

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