~Inspiring Change~

BE United is an international culture & development organisation focusing on sports, music, arts and creative industries.

Extracurricular Sport, Art, Music and Education Program

Build community spirit and engagement, and encourage new friendships and happier people in areas that lack existing extra-curricular opportunities.

International Exchange Program (coming soon)

Give participants the chance to learn about themselves and others & gain cultural awareness creating lasting connections and global citizens through travelling, regardless of race, wealth and background.

Peer Leadership Program

Help young people develop important life skills and confidence to improve employability and belief in their ability to achieve their dreams.

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A brief introduction

We are BE United –  group of people dedicated to inspiring change, currently based in Scotland and South Africa.

We aim to motivate and inspire people to realise and reach their dreams. To make people feel safe, supported and special regardless of their age, race, wealth or background. To create conscious global citizens.

To BE United.


BE United is a great new Scottish/South African charity for which I congratulate all those involved.  Improving opportunities for schoolchildren in South Africa is absolutely vital given the crippling legacy of apartheid and the massive problem of poverty and under achievement that still remains from that legacy.  They need as much support as they can get and I applaud all their efforts.
I found our visit to the township a truly humbling experience, and I was overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown to us by people who although materially poor were rich in spirit and potential.
I was harrowed and inspired living in Newlands West Township. It has changed my life forever, with BE United we can touch so many lives. I am loving every second of the journey and I hope others will too.
My time in the township was outstanding , meeting the wonderful people who so generously invited us into their homes and made us feel so welcome. Meeting the young people who have dreams and aspirations for BE United really moved me.

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